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John F. McManus - The Insiders: Architects of the New World Order

Towamencin Firehouse

1590 Bustard Road, Kulpsville, PA 19438, USA

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Event Description

John F. McManus - The INSIDERS

Architects of the New World Order

 Join John F McManus, President of the John Birch Society:
Americans have heard of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bildeberger Movement. Here’s the story behind these Insider groups and how their leaders are steering America into a tyrannical “New World Order”.

A Democrat or a Republican in the White House? It hasn’t mattered! Learn how the Insiders continue their control of U. S. policy. Who are they and how do we end their rule?


Continuity of Insider dominance cannot be denied.


  • Jimmy Carter: He campaigned against the Insiders that had been running things, then filled his administration with them.

  • Ronald Reagan: He lambasted Carter for appointing so many Insiders and then appointed the same type individuals to his administration. 

  • George H. W. Bush: He surrounded himself with more Insiders than any other President. 
  • Bill Clinton: He discovered the Insiders while in college and joined every Insider organization he could. 
  • George W. Bush: He claimed to be a “compassionate conservative” while being trained for the Presidency by a group of Insiders. 
  • Barack Obama: He promised “change,” but was financed and controlled by the same Insiders.

John F. McManus is the author of numerous books and articles and serves as publisher of the New American Magazine and President of The John Birch Society. His clearly written and spoken words have helped many Americans to understand and combat our nation’s slide toward tyranny.

Mr. McManus and/or his The New American magazine staff members can be heard weekly on KHQN 1480 Radio/TV Monday mornings 8am - 9am (UTAH). You can listen streaming and catch previous shows in their archives. Visit: for audio and video streams.


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Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 7:30 pm –  9:30 pm


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